Choice Home Warranty - First Page Submit (CPL) - Financial - US

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Choice Home Warranty - First Page Submit (CPL) - Financial - US
$ 15 CPA
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US Only. Geo Redirects Removed for Facebook Traffic Pixel fires after 1st page submit Target Demographics: - HHI 75K+ - Ages 35+ - HomeOwners - Top performing states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Texas **All new traffic should begin on weekdays and weekend traffic amount should be equivalent to weekday totals RESTRICTIONS : - No Trademark or Brand bidding or marketing, including but not limited to search keywords, domains, and contextual pops, and misspellings of trademarks and brand names - No Bidding on Branded Terms, Trademarked Terms or any form of Choice Home Warranty for SEARCH traffic. Contextual traffic can be branded. URL's cannot include Choice Home Warranty. - No incentivized traffic - No rebrokering - Cannot falsely imply that anything is free. - All repairs referenced to must be covered repairs. Examples: - Unacceptable: - Marketing Materials with or keyword bidding on - Get paid by the government - Completely self funding - Finance available - Government scheme - Free - 100% free service - Self Funding - Rent a Roof - No Use of Celebrities to Falsely Promote an Offer - No incentivization or content unlocking - No Ad Injection - No rebrokering

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