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Skysmart - Completed water lesson

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Skysmart is an online school from the creators of Skyeng for students in grades 1-11 and those just getting ready to study. We are currently teaching English and Mathematics. We will select the right teacher, help you understand and love complex subj ...




GEO: Everyone (Russian-speaking audience).


1. List of stop words for contextual advertising. HERE

2. It is forbidden to use the Skysmart brand and its variations in the domain name.

3. The use of browser extensions on the Skysmart website is prohibited.

4. Only applications from new users are paid and displayed in statistics. A new user is one who has not previously made payments to Skysmart.

5. If the application is not displayed in the statistics, then the user is not new to Skysmart.

6. The new user is identified by the customer's phone number.

7. It is allowed to index Skysmart pages in search engines, but only with standard promotions without promotional codes. If a promotional code has been issued to a promotional site, it should not be present on the Skysmart page of this site. You can use a promo code only in closed mechanics (newsletter, social networks, post in the tg channel, displaying a banner / promo code on competitors' pages).

8. When using Skysmart promotions and promo codes, it is necessary to provide screenshots of the placements.

Exclude traffic types:

  • ClickUnder advertising.
  • PopUp advertising.
  • Push notifications (as agreed).
  • Toolbar advertising.
  • Doorway traffic.
  • Motivated traffic.
  • SMS (as agreed).
  • The creation of pages and communities on behalf of the Advertiser is prohibited on social networks.
  • Contextual advertising for the brand.
  • E-mail marketing (as agreed).
  • Retargeting (as agreed).
  • Targeted advertising in social networks (as agreed).
  • Cashback traffic (as agreed).
  • Adult traffic.
  • Broker traffic.
  • Retargeting (as agreed).
  • Promo code sites (as agreed).


130; 1950; 2795; 0

Skysmart RU

CPS Education Service
12 Geos
70р. - 2100р.

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