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CATEGORY Интернет магазины


The Svyaznoy online store is one of the largest players in Russian online retail with a turnover of more than 100 billion rubles a year. "Svyaznoy" it was founded in July 2002, and at the moment it is visited by more than 350,000 users daily ...




GEO: Russia.

Stop words can be downloaded HERE .
Decryption rates can be viewed here.

Please note that bookings brands Ramili, Switel, iBaby, Samsung in baby monitors category. payment shall not be!

1. Orders of employees will no longer be paid.

2. Wholesale orders also will not be paid.
We will consider a wholesale order?

- Order a unique identifier (one user) per month for more than 20
- The sum of all orders of a unique identifier in the month is greater than or equal to 300 000 rubles, while orders greater than or equal to 5..
- The number one category of goods worth more than 20 000 rubles each more than 4 items in one order
- The number of items in the order of more than 100 positions;

From 07/01/2018 to offere Messenger will not count All products Apple Macbook, which can be seen here

All creatives are coordinated with the advertiser!

Brand Guide can be downloaded HERE

Coherent city where there is a delivery / opportunity ex HERE

Products in focus group in March HERE

List of shares and store discounts, you can see here:


  • New advantages of working with an affiliate program, "The Messenger":
  • Flexible bonus scale, starting from 500 thousand. Rub. turnover per month - that is 5% to be paid!
  • There may be personal conditions for large webmasters!
  • Provided personal promotional codes
  • Affiliate-managers are always ready to help partners. To provide the necessary information, statistics, feeds, banners.

Exclude traffic types:

  • Motivated traffic.
  • Contextual advertising on the brand.
  • Adult.
  • Toolbar traffic.
  • ClickUnder advertising.
  • PopUp advertising.
  • Doorway traffic.
  • It prohibited the creation of branding in social groups. networks.


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