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Shop MTS - Paid order (Other product categories)

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CATEGORY Интернет магазины


Internet shop MTS shop.mts.ru founded June 1, 2010 the leader among Russian companies MTS mobile operators.

public company status imposes special obligations on information transparency and openness in working with both clients and partners.

Shop Online shop.mts.ru MTS provides its customers with a wide range of digital equipment and accessories, as well as operator MTS tariffs.

MTS retail network, which is part of the online store MTS works directly with manufacturers and suppliers of leading brands of mobile devices, accessories, and portable devices, such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and many others.

Pickup orders online store is carried out more than 3,000 salons throughout Russia.

Courier delivery "to the door" is carried out in 30 large and 172 regional cities of Russia. List of cities of presence is constantly expanding.

pricing information, product availability, immediate availability of new models on the site an online store is updated hourly. Operators MTS Internet shop open around the clock throughout Russia in all time zones.

The purpose offera:

  • Paid order.

Details and advantages:

  • Hour ordering and advising operators of the Contact Center.
  • Flexible delivery terms for city and region.
  • Pickup within walking distance for an hour after the order confirmation.
  • Reserve up to 2 days.
  • Secure online payments.
  • Special conditions for the purchase of goods with the help of MTS Cashback program.
  • The constant updating of assortment.
  • A variety of payment options and delivery of ordered goods at a convenient time for the buyer.
  • Prices on the site are lower than in MTS retail outlets.

Benefits offera:

  • High average check (from 15000 rubles.).
  • High-quality and relevant advertising material.
  • Regular promotions, discounts, sales.
  • Flexible tariff policy with unique conditions.
  • Hold time of 30 days.
  • bonus program



GEO: Russia.

It is forbidden to:

Creatives do not use previously agreed with the advertiser.

All webmasters need to take manual moderation!


Any contextual advertising is prohibited

Prohibited contextual advertising for the brand said on any other project (eg, coupon site), where there is a reference to the MTS market.

It is strictly prohibited to use keyword search "MTS", "MTS", "ey", "vnc", and derivatives and any variation in combination with any other words.

All partners, which will be used in the context of the brand, despite the ban - will be disconnected from the partner program, "MTS" and all of their sales will be rejected.


It is forbidden to place promotional offers and promotions are not placed on the network. Orders with promo codes from other sources are not subject to payment.


Orders loyalty programs, services and cashback coupon services at the intersection with the loyalty program Tinkoff will be paid at the rate of 1%, regardless of the category.

It is forbidden to use the affiliate link "key" party loyalty programs;

Cash Back will be credited only when you click on the referral link from the site cashback service within one session

Order amount after reconciliation may vary. Please pay attention to the correct charge users a fee. With a large number of appeals and complaints from your users directly to the store, the source will be disconnected from offera.


It is forbidden to create groups in social networks on behalf of MTS and online store shop.mts.ru as well as to use the logo and corporate colors of the company MTS (anything that might confuse the user and indicate that it is the official group);


It disables automatic redirection, or pop-up windows from closing and any other types of intrusive advertising. (PopUp, ClickUnder, Toolbar, etc.);

Prohibited Use clickunder / pop up / pop under

Placing of sites, copying domain registration of the advertiser's site, thereby introducing user confusion.

Orders for B2B (issued on legal entities) payment will be performed.

Buying tariffs simkarty and replenish the account is not paid.

Bookings of 3 or more, decorated in a calendar month with a phone number, considered frodovymi and will not be paid.

In case of violations of partners will be disconnected from OFFERA and then cancel all orders fulfilled


The amount paid orders rubles. Bonus compensation,%

150 000 - 300 000 4.00%.

300 001 - 500 000 6.00%.

500 001 - 700 000 8.00%.

700,001 - 1,000,000 10.00%.

1,000,001 and above 12.00%.

* Bonus compensation is calculated as% of earnings partner for all types of traffic, except

- Coupon Website

- Loyalty program

- cashback

Exclude traffic types:

  • Teaser networks.
  • Doorway traffic.
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Contextual advertising on the brand.
  • PopUp advertising.
  • ClickUnder advertising.
  • Toolbar advertising.
  • E-mail marketing (by agreement).
  • Motivated traffic.
  • Public and community on behalf of the advertiser.
  • Adult traffic.
  • Retargeting.
  • Push-notifications (to be agreed).
  • Brokerage traffic.
  • Targeted advertising (to be agreed).


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