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Alfabank (дебетовые карты) - Debit card (Alpha Card)

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CATEGORY Страхование и финансы


Alfa-Bank, founded in 1990, is a universal bank offering a full range of banking operations on the market of financial services, including retail and corporate clients, investment banking, trade finance and asset management. Map World of Warships - y ...




GEO: Russia.

The rate depends on the volumes of traffic:

From 1 to 30 - 1000 r

From 31 to 100 - p 1100

more than 101 - 1250 p

List of words STOP HERE

All creatives are created in accordance with the brand book, you can read HERE

The advertiser is looking at areas of registration, the actual live and work, can have the following regions:

  • Z - allowed only city from the list of rules
  • Y - you can
  • N - impossible
  • All that is out of the list of N on all three counts.  

File with the regions can be downloaded HERE

Regions lack of Alfa-Bank
(these products do not give out) can be downloaded HERE

Regions issuing Messenger can be downloaded HERE

The list of banned e-mail addresses for sending the link HERE , when sending data to address a fine of 50 000 rubles.

Please note that when using the tool e-mail newsletters ban on mentioning the name of the bank in the subject line.

Referral fee for the offer is not paid.

New creatives can be downloaded HERE

Terms of context on the brand:

  • References to Alfa Bank in the request or in the ad text or the product name of the bank believe the brand context. For the brand context ban without asking.
  • Any requests containing "Alfa Bank" and ad text does not contain "Alfa Bank" and do not contain the name of Alpha Bank products are considered non-brand context and allow.
  • No direct context to the website or profile of Alfa Bank. There are only windows and gaskets webmasters different banks without asking.
  • Alpha, Alpha Bank, Alfa Bank, alfa, alfa bank, alfabank
  • It is also prohibited any mention of the name of Alfa-Bank in various writing (Alpha, Alpha Bank, Alfa Bank, alfa, alfa bank, alfabank) in the title, text, additional links, visible URL, or in the descriptions of additional links, etc. and etc.
    It is also prohibited to use unique names cards Alfa-Bank "100 days", "card at no cost" in the title, text, additional links, visible URL, or in the descriptions of additional links, etc. and etc.


At Alfa-Bank has a rigorous system of penalties in case of violation of rules offera.

  • If the webmaster pours on the kind of traffic banned or severely violates the terms offera and poured less then 2 approvals in the month, it is considered small and banitsya categorically without saving benefits.
  • If it breaks again the 20, 40, 80 thousand. etc.
  • The penalty for a fixed context for the brand - 20 thousand rubles.
  • If the profile is filled with fake web data (except for test Disabilities) - ban without saving benefits.

The principle of payment CPA bids explaining accounting system design offerov for one client.

Paid last a pay channel.

Example: CPA -> Organika-> sale (paid CPA)

Example: Organic -> Context -> CPA-> sale (paid CPA)

Example: Organic -> CPA -> context-> sale (paid Context)

Example: Organic -> the CPA -> Context -> Organic -> social networks-> CPA-> context-> organika-> sale (paid Context)

If this category of product issued by this person at least 60 days ago, the product sold through CPA is not paid partner.

Example sales per person. (Same name and phone)

Sale QC + selling DK (Payable 1 and QC 1 DC)

Sale of QC and QC in 70 days the sale (paid 2 CC)

Sale of QC and QC in 45 days the sale (paid 1 CC)

Sale DC and 70 days Sale DK (DK paid 2)

Sale DC and 45 days Sale DK (DK paid 1)

Sale DC and in 45 days the sale of MPI (payable 1 1 DC and MPI)

Sale KK + sale PIL + DC + kk for sale sale sale + DCs (DCs and paid 1 1 PIL and 1 CC)

The life of the cookie: 30 days.

Eliminate five types of traffic:

  • Motivated traffic.
  • Brokerage traffic.
  • Adult traffic.
  • Contextual advertising on the brand.
  • Cashback traffic.
  • ClickUnder advertising.
  • PopUp advertising.
  • E-mail marketing, SMS (by agreement).
  • Spoofing.


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